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Cliff @ SupaNova

Pics © thegreattribblehunt @ Tumblr

There's also the Women Talk Sci Fi podcast/interview

Wormhole Riders "You Decide"

Cliff is taking part in Wormhole Riders' "You Decide" series, talking about why he supports animal rescue. It's on Sunday night HERE (the site gives your local time, which is handy). You can listen live or on demand afterwards. I'm probably going to be staying up...

Ba'al icons by magnavox_23

magnavox_23 made 12 icons for the SG-1 episode "Insiders" at Chief, We've Got A Full Count. Two Strikes, Three Ba'als, 5 of which feature our beloved System Lord.

If you're in the mood for a seasonal Ba'al icon, #13 from her multi-fandom set of 28 in Christmas Ba'al's may fit the bill.

(BTW, she's open to requests if you need a specific icon & lack icon-ing skills. She made the icon I used on this post!)


I could literally watch him push up from the throne all. Damn. Day. Holy fucking crap but it's the sexiest thing ever. Just.. how does he do that? Damned if I know, but hell I'm going to enjoy it anyway.

Baal for President

This = every reason for loving Cliff Simon ever.

And a couple more for good measure :D